Karens Super-Easy Fruit Compote

Karens Super-Easy Fruit Compote

This is one of the easiest recipes to make, and not only is it delicious and a personal favourite of mine but I guarantee you that your friends and family will be truly impressed. It is also incredibly flexible – it can be served up on it’s own, served with muffins or scones and with a dollop of fresh cream (or with plain yoghurt, for the health-conscious) to create a gourmet twist on the traditional “Devonshire tea”, it can be added to jellies or trifle, served up with cereals or muesli for a healthy breakfast, used as a topping for Pavlova or cakes,  added to milk to create glorious fruit smoothies, served up on it’s own with ice-cream or added to plain yoghurt (great for kids and growing teenagers, and much better than any supermarket bought flavored yoghurts) and is simply mouthwatering when served up with crepes topped with ice-cream (or with whipped cream, plain yoghurt).

The possibilities are endless and limited only to your imagination.

It really is one of the best dessert recipes to have on hand, as it can also be whipped up in minutes & it is easy enough for anyone to make.



  • Frozen Fruit of your choice
  • Jam – called “Jelly” in USA –  to suit or complement your choice of fruit (eg: Apricot Jam for Apricot fruit, a Berry Jam for Mixed Berry fruit, etc)
  • OPTIONAL: Sugar to taste, if required.

NOTE – QUANTITIES : The amount of Jam is variable according to the amount of fruit you are using, and also your personal taste. I personally prefer it less sweet / quite tart, therefore I will only add a small amount of  jam and no added sugar at all. The Jam I use is also usually sugar-free, such as the excellent “St. Dalfour” jams from France (their blueberry jam is to die for..). Most people, however, will probably want it sweeter – if so, add some sugar and or more jam to suit individual taste.



  1. Defrost the fruit, either in the microwave or in a saucepan over a low heat, stirring VERY gently and periodically, to ensure all the fruit is thawing equally. The time will vary, according to the fruit (Strawberries, for example, take much longer than small berries). Try to stir it as little as possible, as too much stirring tends to make the fruit mushy (I will sometimes defrost in the bag & gently shake the fruit).
  2. About 5 minutes before the fruit is thawed enough to eat, add the jam and optional sugar. Stir well, but VERY, very gently, until the jam is mixed all through, and any sugar is dissolved. 
  3. Return to microwave or stove, and finish defrosting the fruit, stirring occasionally until it is completely thawed.
  4. Serve (….or you can store the mixture in the refrigerator if you prefer or need it to be  served cold – if stored in an air-tight contained it should keep well in the fridge for about 2-3 days, but normally it doesn’t last that long as it’s usually all eaten…..lol – I have a problem with it lasting long enough to take a photo!)
Karens Super-Easy Fruit Compote

Karens Super-Easy Fruit Compote - Serving Suggestion: Served with Berry Muffins and Whipped Cream


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