Barbecue Pie


Ingredients (use vegan versions):

  • Baked beans (English-style), along with any other type of cooked beans you like
  • Veggies {carrots, onions, mushrooms, leeks, courgettes/zucchini, sweet
  • laying around except potatoes as they go on top)
  • Barbecue sauce (any vegan brand)
  • textured soy protein or soymince (optional)
  • Potatoes (mashing tatties, not the nice little new ones, save those to roast)
  • A bit of non-hydrogenated vegan margarine or oil
  • salt, pepper
  • Mint or other herbs (optional)


First off, I should mention that there are no set
amounts in this recipe. Just use whatever you have handy.
It’s good for using up leftovers. If you need starter
amounts consider:

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

  • One large onion

  • Eight ounces/225g mushrooms (baby button ‘shrooms are
    especially nice)

  • One medium leek (careful, they’re strong)

  • Two carrots, cut fine

  • Kidney beans, butter beans, navy beans (the baked beans
    are a necessary ingredient)


You should get the idea, just nice, medium amounts which
will fill a deep pie dish. Remember to use enough potatoes
to give it a good top layer of mash. I think we used around
a pound of them, but don’t quote me. Anyway, on to the
recipe, with suitable anecdotes.

Soon after I arrived in England this summer for an
all-too-short visit, Stu decided to make a barbecue pie for
me. First thing he got me to do (slavedriver 😉 was scrub
and cube the unpeeled potatoes and set them boiling in
lightly salted water. While those were slowly cooking we
cut the veggies up into bite-sized pieces. Tiny mushrooms
we kept whole (“Ooh! Baby shrooms! Cuuuuute…” *melting
voice*adorable grin*little mushroom almost shoved up my
nose*). Onion chopped, check. Mushrooms suitably tossed
around, check. Stepped on cat, check (“MMROW!” “Well, don’t
lay right behind me, Puss!”). At this point he pulled out
his handy-dandy fry-pan, and set it on to heat. I usually
realised that the leek was gritty and got to work separating
the rings in a bowl of water to get it rinsed out.

Anyway, we heated a bit of oil in the pan, just enough
to keep things from sticking, and began to cook the veggies.
Onions (including leek) and mushrooms go in first, then
carrots and other hard veggies. Let them soften a bit in
the pan and add the baked beans, a can of sweetcorn,
whatever other beans are handy, soymince or textured soy protein (HYDRATED!)
if you want ’em (“Ew…” “Quiet, Carnivore Boy.” “MMROWR!”
“You too, Cat.”), and a LOT of barbecue sauce. See? Easy.
Even the cat can help!

About the time the veggie-bean glop is about cooked
through, test the potatoes. If a knife goes through them
with no force, they’re ready to be mashed. If the knife
gets stuck a few millimetres in and produces sparks, that’s
a rock. Take it out and try again. But, yeah, mash the
tatties with a bit or marg/oil, maybe some soymilk if it’s
too solid, and mix in some salt and pepper and maybe some
basil or garlic or mint. Trust me, mint in potatoes, if you
can get the right balance, is fantastic. (*prideful look
from Stu* “I’m SO good.” “Yes you are, hon. Your beans are
burning.”) Get the bean goop off the flame before it
manages to burn or bubble AALLLLL over the stove. Dump it
in a deep pie dish or similar deep oven-safe dish. Make
sure the oven is heated to 200C/400F. Now, let Stu be
artistic and spread the mash over the veg mix until he’s
covered it with decourative fork furrows and quite possibly
his name. (“See? It’s my name! I’m so great.” “BARK!”
“Oh, no, not the dog too…”) Bung it in the oven for maybe
half an hour until the tatties start turning brown and the
pie is hot through. Use this time to give your cooking
partner a shoulder rub, or shut up the small and deafening

Take the pie out of the oven, let Stu panic over the
burn on your hand and spoil you for a while, cut great bits
from the pie, and munch on it in front of the TV. (“No…
not ‘Neighbours’… NO!!!!!!!!!!!” *cue terrifying theme
song*) Follow up dinner with getting Cat out of the rest of
the pie, cleaning up, and rejoicing as the soaps go off.

This is one of my fave dishes now (Stu would be happy to
never see another one, as often as I begged him to make it),
quite easy to make, gives you a few minutes to rest while
it’s baking, nutritious, and cheap. And the dog likes it,
too! (“Bag dog! My dinner!” *pitiful look from dog* “Oh,
okay, one bite…”)

Serves: 2-4, depending how hungry you are

Preparation time: About an hour and a half

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