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Greek Salad (Choriatiki)

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 6 small tomatoes or 3 large ones 1/2 cucumber 1 green pepper 2-3 spring onions 3-4 parsley 4-5 tablespoon olive oil (optional) salt (optional) Directions: Cut the tomatoes in pieces. Peel the cucumber. Cut the cucumber in round slices. Cut the green pepper in strips. Cut the spring onions in small […]

Middle East Tabouleh Salad

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 2 large skinned, seeded tomatoes 1 cucumber, sliced 1 green pepper, chopped 1 cup fine burghul (burghul is wheat pilaf) 2 cups finely chopped parsley 1/2 cup finely chopped green onion 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 cup finely chopped mint 1/2 teaspoon salt Directions: […]

Mexican Salad

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 1 can of red sweet beans 1/2 lettuce 2 red tomatoes (in México we have green and red tomatoes) 3 carrots 2 lemons 5 normal spoons of vegan bread for meat (dust bread) salt Directions: You wash everything very well, specially the lettuce because it is very easy to have several […]

Best Broccoli Salad

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 2 heads of broccoli (crowns – not stems) 1 1/2 cups Veganaise (Vegan Mayo) 1/4 cup white vinegar 1/4 cup vegan brown sugar 1/4 cup pinenuts 1/4 cup raisins Soy Bacon Bits Directions: Wash and dry broccoli. Cut into bit-sized pieces and place in large bowl. In another bowl mix Vegan […]

Berried Avocado Grapefruit Salad

Ingredients (use vegan versions): Bibb lettuce Watercress 2 avocados, seeded, peeled and sliced 2 cups grapefruit sections 1 cup fresh raspberries Prepared sweet vinegar and oil dressing Directions: Line serving platter or individual salad plates with lettuce and watercress. Arrange avocado, grapefruit and raspberries over and sprinkle with dressing. \n

Karens Oh-So-Easy Feta-Chilli Salad

The name of this recipe says it all really! – not only is it extremely fast to make and so insanely easy that ANYONE could make it, but it also has to be tasted to be believed! – it is simply divine……It makes a perfect side-salad for any dish, or is delicious served on it’s own or can be used as a filling in a crusty bread roll or sandwich…..

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