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Kojak’s Thai Yellow Curry

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 1 can of coconut milk 1 can yellow curry paste (sometimes labeled Karee) preferably from imported food store 2 lbs. of broccoli 3 large potatoes optional: onions, carrots, bamboo shoots 1 tablespoon vegetable oil rice Directions: -It’s a good idea to get the rice boiling right away. -Chop the potatoes into […]

Baghara Baingan Eggplant in Peanut Gravy

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 1 large eggplant 1 cup peanuts 2 tablespoon sesame seeds (optional) 4 jalapeno peppers, quartered(optional) 1/4 size piece tamarind or 1 teaspoon paste 1/2 teaspoon turmeric (optional) 2 tablespoon grated coconut 4 bay leaves 5 tablespoon oil Directions: This is a South Indian (Hyderabadi) recipe that you rarely, if ever, see […]

Green Chilli with Potatoes

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 2 onions, chopped 4 – 5 cloves garlic, minced oil for sauteeing 2 quarts veggie broth (Better Than Bouillon veggie paste makes the best!) 28 oz whole green chiles, drained 7 oz whole green chiles, drained 2 16 oz cans chopped tomatoes, with liquid 3 large potatoes, peeled & diced 1 […]

Gluty Au-Gratin

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 2.5lbs. vegetable protein gluten (2.5lbs whole wheat flour kneaded, washed, & boiled for 30-45 min) 1.5lbs Russet potatoes (washed, bolied, peeled, sliced 1/4inch thin) 2.5 cups tomato sauce (canned or fresh) 1 cup onion finely chopped 1 cup red bell pepper finely chopped 1 cup green bell pepper finely chopped 1 […]

Jamaican Rice and Peas

Ingredients (use vegan versions): 1 1/2 cup red kidney beans 1/2 can coconut milk 3 sprigs fresh thyme 2 cups white rice (parboiled is best) 1 escallion (green onion) sea salt and black peper to taste Directions: First cook the kidney beans in aprox 4 to 5 cups of water. Add 1/4 to 1/2 can […]

Julianne’s TexMex Tofu

Ingredients (use vegan versions): corn tortillas 2 medium onions, chopt 6 garlic cloves, minced 3 jalapenos, chopt 4 serrano chiles, chopt 4-5 tomatoes, chopt 2 red bell peppers, chopt 1 can enchilada sauce 1 can low-fat refried black beans 1 lb. tofu (firm, lite) cut into cubes vegan “sour cream” Directions: Saute onions, garlic, chiles […]

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