Vegetarianism and Vegetarian Cooking


The Ultimate Vegetarian Cooking And Food Guide. What you need to know about cooking and preparing vegetarian foods..

The Ultimate Vegetarian Cooking And Food Guide.

What you need to know about cooking and preparing vegetarian foods.

To get a good understanding of being a vegetarian, vegetarian food, and cooking it will help to learn about the origins of Vegetarianism. Vegetarianism can be traced back to ancient Egyptian society where many religious sects abstained from eating meat or wearing clothing that was made from animal skins do to their beliefs in reincarnation. The practice could also be found in ancient Greece. Most notably, the famed scholar Pythagoras, known for his contributions in the field of mathematics believed that being a vegetarian was an essential part of being a good human and would help lead to a peaceful existence. This book gives you information on the history of Vegetarianism plus much more.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
History of Vegetarianism 4
Vegetarianism in Religion 4
Hinduism 5
Other Religions 6

Chapter 2
Types of Vegetarians 6
Strict Vegetarian/Vegan 6
Health Benefits 7
Lacto Vegetarian 8
Health Benefits 9
Lacto Ovo Vegetarian 9
Health Benefits 10
Flexitarian 11

Chapter 3
The United States 12
Origins 12
Important Literary Contributions 13
England 14
Expansion 15
India 16
Gujarat 16
Andhra Pradesh 17
Punjab 17
Germany 17

Chapter 4
Vegetarian Food and Your Health 18
Cardiovascular Disease 19
Hypertension 19
Diabetes 19
Cancer 20
Other Diseases 20

Chapter 5
How to Plan a Vegetarian Diet 21
Simple Guidelines for the Beginner 21

Chapter 6
What about Protein? 22
How about Calcium? 22

Chapter 7
Supermarket Shopping Tips 23
A Sample of a Vegetarian Menu 23

Chapter 8
Forget about the Five Food Groups 24
Group 1: Vegetables 24
Group 2: Whole Grains 25
Group 3: Fruit 25
Group 4: Legumes 25

Chapter 9
Pregnancy and Vegetarianism 26
Calcium 26
Vitamin B12 27
Iron 27
Protein 27
Suggestions for Meals during Pregnancy 28

Chapter 10
Vegetarianism and Children 29
As Your Newborn Grows 29
Older Children 30
Don’t Rely on Gimmicks 30
Children are Different than Adults 31
Important Nutrients for Children 31

Chapter 11
Helpful Tips for Parents 32
School Lunch 32
Having Friends Over 32
Family Members 33
Plan Ahead 33
Advantages of being a Child Vegetarian 34

Chapter 12
Vegetarianism and the Elderly 35
Health Benefits for the Elderly 35

Chapter 13
How to Properly Cook Vegetables Common in Vegetarian Cuisine 36
Broccoli 36
Eggplant 36
Lentils 37
Black Beans 38
Red Beans 38
Homemade Veggieburgers 39
Zucchini 39
Tofu 40
Cauliflower 41

Chapter 14
Do not be Afraid of New Things 41



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