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Om Vegetarian
Om Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants are a family run business in Melbourne.
Om serves hearty and delicious vegetarian Indian food with freshly baked naan bread.
Business Phone Number
(03) 9671 3513
The Vegan Club
While searching for a healthier lifestyle, we discovered the many benefits of the "plant based" diet....
Business Phone Number
(03) 9191 1816
Soulpod Foods
Organic fresh produce is always our first choice when available. We source all our organic..
Mr Nice Guy's Bakeshop
Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop is Melbourne’s first 100% plant based bakery...
Lord of the Fries
Our delicious range of veg fast food puts us among the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the world...
Utsav Indian Restaurant
Utsav Indian Restaurant has added a new dimension to eating out in eastern Melbourne with the introduction of Indian Cuisine and culture ...
Business Phone Number
03 9876 8664
24 Spices Indian Restaurant
24 Spices bring authentic Indian home cooking to a larger audience, with dishes that are bursting with flavour...
Business Phone Number
(03) 8719 7933
Vegie Bar
Vegie Bar is primarily a walk-in restaurant with ample space for most group sizes.
Some tables are set aside for reservations of 8 and above.
Shakahari Vegetarian Restaurant
Exclusively vegetarian, Shakahari has pioneered a radical cuisine...
Business Phone Number
(03) 93473848
Girls & Boys
In the summer of 2016, we searched high and low for a dairy free ice-cream to take the heat off...
Business Phone Number
(03) 9417 6766
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