Karens No-Bake Ginger Chantilly Cream Cake


Karens No-Bake Ginger Chantilly Cream Cake

I hope you like this recipe – it’s SUPER-EASY and fast to make, and it really is delicious .

It’s great for parties or entertaining, or just when you feel like being a bit naughty. It will keep for a day or so in the fridge (if there’s any left….).





1 X Packet High Quality Ginger Biscuits (such as “Anna’s Ginger Thins”)annas-ginger-thins-biscuits-400w

300mls Fresh Cream

1-2 drops vanilla essence

1 Teaspoon Caster Sugar / add sugar to taste (Optional – leave it out altogether if, like me, you prefer less sweet)



  1. Add vanilla essence to cream, and Whip or beat the cream until thick.


    Step 2: Spread the Chantilly Cream onto one side of each biscuit, and then stack them up into a log shape…..

  2. Using a spatula, spread a layer of whipped cream on one side each biscuit, and then “stack” them one-by-one on top of each other, until you have a cake-log of cream-coated biscuits.
  3. Place the cake log onto a serving platter by laying the cake down on it’s side, and then carefully coat the outside of the log with a layer of whipped cream.
  4. Dust cake log with a light dusting of cocoa powder (or a crushed “Flake” chocolate).
  5. Cover very carefully with plastic wrap (TIP: use toothpicks to prevent the plastic film from sticking to the cake/cream).
  6. Place in refrigerator overnight to allow the biscuits to soften, then remove plastic wrap and serve.


SERVING SUGGESTION:  Serve alone or with a garnish of fresh berries (eg: Strawberries).

RECIPE VARIATIONS: Other types of plain biscuits, such as chocolate-flavored biscuits (“cookies”), may be substituted instead.



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